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FOLD UN FOLD, by Kana Arioka

With her alter ego FOLD UN FOLD, architect Kana Arioka explores the careful gestures of folding and unfolding as an open process for designing spaces without contours. [rituals] From wood, textiles and paper, she creates furniture, objects, clothing and graphic designs that transform and dialogue in an evolutive user experience. 


Beyond the boundaries between architecture, fashion, product and graphic design is where you can meet Kana Arioka. She obtained a degree in engineering in Tokyo in 1996 and in architecture in Venice in 2003 before moving to Brussels in 2011. She has worked as an architect for Atelier Bow-Wow in Japan and for 51N4E in Belgium. For architecten de vylder vinck taillieu she has worked as an architect and curator for exhibitions in VAi/deSingel Antwerp and TOTO Gallery MA Tokyo. Kana also has extensive experience as a researcher, lecturer and jury member at universities in Belgium, Japan and the US. Today, her independent practice takes a turn under the name FOLD UN FOLD.