About the MAD Fly program

You already have a VAT number (SMART or Jobyourself), you have already released products and services, you have salespoints and you would like to focus on a specific goal such as developing a webshop, reworking your business strategy, rebranding, redefining your marketing strategy etc. 

Over a period of 1 year you will  have access to 15h of 121 coaching sessions and collective sessions with external experts who are working in the fashion or design field. Your progress will be closely monitored by the MAD business advisors and you will be invited to a number of  business seminars and Ask The Expert sessions, regarding sourcing, communication, marketing, branding, fundraising etc. You will also have access to international and local contacts & connections.

Selection criteria

  • Your business is already launched, you have a belgian VAT number (SMART or Jobyourself)

  • You business exists between 1 to 3 years

  • Your business is based in Brussels Capital Region

  •  Have a clear target for improving or growing your business and you have funds available to follow and implement the advice from our external experts

  • Motivation and engagement to follow our MAD FLY timeline and seminars

  • Availability & flexibility to regularly meet with our external experts and business advisors

  • Have a focus on sustainability, inclusion & innovation