Professional events

About our business events 


Three times a year during ASK THE EXPERT, MAD brings together young established designers from the fashion and design sector with industry professionals in one-to-one meetings.


Through these collective workshops, we allow actors from the fashion and design industries to meet and discuss a topic in depth. The experts will bring their experience to add to the participants’ skills.


It is the ideal format to share experiences, know-how and interact with other actors in the sector. Experts in the field are invited to share their stories and views in a conference setting.


Creative personalities from the fashion and design sector and their careers are presented as well as their work experience and inspiring tips for young creative people. Be inspired and charmed by a creative personality every month during a joint lunch.


Talk with Marine Serre, Own and Miko Miko Studio
Creative lunch with Chequita Nahar
Creative lunch with Chequita Nahar
Workshop with Muslim Brothers

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