Sep Verboom x Lampirong

Showcase Installation

16.09.22 to 05.11.22
Closed on Tuesday 01/11.

Industrial designer Sep Verboom (°1990) founded the collective Livable a few years ago. A platform where stories of communities and interesting materials are bundled and where both designers and the industry are involved. The Lampirong project also fits into this platform in terms of character. The Lampirong, also known as the Capiz oyster, is found in abundance around the seafood capital of the Philippines. It is the only transparent shell. These were once a thriving precursor to glass, used to make sliding windows during the Spanish occupation in the 19th century. As filters, the shells can purify up to 40 liters per hour by eating plankton and organic waste from upstream rivers. As a result, they occupy an important place in the local ecosystem. Unfortunately, the clams live in turbulent times. Bottom fishing, warming waters and stronger currents are reducing populations. Communities depend on them for their livelihoods and a clean environment. The Lampirong project is an invitation to rethink the use of Capiz shells, to protect and enhance the entire ecosystem.

  © Aaron Lapeirre
Sep Verboom  © Aaron Lapeirre
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