Talk - Activewear

With Olivia Borlée & Élodie Ouédraogo from 42|54 and Sam Ratajczak from Bioracer

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Free participation - reservations required French & Dutch

More than ever, fashion is inspired by the world of sports. Cycling shorts, hoodies and sneakers are taking over the catwalk. Designers are drawn to technical materials such as neoprene, spandex and tulle.

How do designers think about the relationship between fashion and sports? Olivia Borlée & Élodie Ouédraogo from 42|54 will discuss this topic with Sam Ratajczak from Bioracer in the talk 'Activewear'. The talk will be moderated by Dominique Nzeyimana.

This talk is a collaboration between MAD Brussels and Modemuseum Hasselt.

Olivia Borlée & Élodie Ouédraogo from 42|54

42I54 is a Belgian and sustainable sports brand founded by two Olympic champions, Elodie Ouédraogo and Olivia Borlée. With 42I54, you are stylish without sacrificing advanced functionality and comfort that you expect from a high-end sports brand.

Sam Ratajczak from Bioracer

Bioracer designs, innovates, manufactures, promotes and sells speedwear to cyclists, triathletes, runners and ice skaters, striving to maximize their performance. Bioracer is one of the few cycling equipment manufacturers that still exerts full control over the manufacturing process. Their cycling clothes are made from only the best European materials to ensure comfort and durability. 

Élodie Ouédraogo & Olivia Borlée  © Ronald Stoops
Sam & Jelmer from Bioracer
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