FOUR x Beldine

Ceramics installation

09.06 to 02.09


FOUR creates culinary compositions and immersive experiences combining food and ceramics. Founded by Jeanne Viviès and Sonia Oet, FOUR works with the (two) primary elements : of food and clay, and is interested in how to elevate them to the status of sculptures.

Throughout the residency at Atelier Beldine in January, FOUR imagined a collection of plates, bowls, towers and serving vessels designed to celebrate the shared table.

Located in Tamesloht, Morocco, Atelier Beldine is a traditional craft workshop that hosts artistic residencies as well as ceramics education programs for the Centre Fiers et Forts. The Centre works to protect children in Morocco by providing a safe and caring environment for children suffering from trauma or facing challenging circumstances.

As part of the exhibition ARMOUR by Mous Lamrabat, you can discover the FOUR X Beldine ceramics collection during the first week of the exhibition at MAD. All proceeds from the sales of the FOUR x Beldine pieces will be donated to the Centre Fiers et Forts in order to set up a co-creative program between the center and the atelier. Please contact if you are interested in purchasing the ceramics.



Opening days & hours:

  • Check out the installation from Friday 9 June to Saturday 17June
  • Open daily from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Address: MAD Brussels, Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10 / Nieuwe Graanmarkt 10, 1000 Brussels

  © FOUR X Beldine
  © FOUR X Beldine
  © FOUR X Beldine
FOUR x Beldine x Dindins  © Robin Joris Dullers
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