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08.02 to 09.02


3 times a year, MAD  Brussels connects young and established designers from the fashion & design industry with experts of the industry in Ask the Expert. 

Want to grow your project and need advice on financial management and fundraising? How to define the proper growth strategy for your brand? Do you have questions about the potential viability of your project? Grab your chance and ask our experts!

This edition of Ask the expert is dedicated to questions related to financial management, funding solutions & crisis management. Discover the experts who will answer all your questions.



Candice Rosenfeld  co-Founder of Curious

Candice Rosenfeld has a background in law, fashion design and corporate taxation. She has worked mainly as a financial and tax advisor, based in Brussels, with a longstanding focus on companies active in the creative industries. Candice is passionate about working hand in hand with entrepreneurs to translate their vision and strategy into a practical, implementable and measurable plan. She takes great pleasure in empowering companies and helping them grow. 

Gilles Grosjean Nash — co-Founder of Curious and Founder of Bertelles

Gilles Grosjean Nash started his career working for a Belgian bank as a Credit Analyst and then as M&A Advisor, before taking the role of Strategy Advisor with an internationally expanding insurance company. He is an engineer by training but quickly realised his heart lay in more entrepreneurial activities. Passionate about telling brand stories and building strong brand foundations, he co-founded the casual shirts brand Abbie & Rose in 2012, which he sold in 2018. He also founded the accessories brand Bertelles in 2015, which he continues to run alongside his work at Curious.

Together, Candice and Gilles have founded Curious, an agency that enables brands to reach their full potential. Working hand in hand with their clients, they have a dual focus: defining the right strategies for brands and helping create the best operating context for their execution. They work on strategic issues including financing, growth and development, marketing and branding, as well as governance. Their clients are established brands but also early stage projects.



Designers from the fashion and design sector based in Brussels with an existing fashion or design brand. 



  1. For this session, our experts will receive you together. In order to give everyone the chance to participate, it is allowed to book 1 appointment only. 
  2. Fill out THE FORM if you wish to book an appointment with Candice Rosenfeld & Gilles Grosjean.
  3. In the form you immediately indicate the day and hour of your appointment with the experts. By submitting the form your appointment is immediately booked in the system.
  4. Depending on your choice you will have an appointment with the expert at the chosen day and time either physically at MAD or online.
  5. We will send you a reminder few days before your appointment.



If you have any questions, please contact our Business Advisor Peggy Acke:



  • 1-hour appointement 
  • Language : EN, FR, NL
  • Address: MAD, Home of Creators (Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10 - Nieuwe Graanmarkt 10, 1000 Brussels).
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